Cultural Background

The Middle East is made up of a large portion of Western Asia and Egypt in Africa.  Since it is such a large area, the political and cultural aspects of these communities vary.  Most of the people from the Middle East are of Islam background and are ruled by authoritarian government and dictators.  There is also often a lot of economic and gender inequality in these regions (Garcia-Rivero, 2013, pg 478).  This economic instability often leads to social unrest and political upheaval which in turn makes these states put in place hard security measures which then violate the people’s human rights (Garcia-Rivero, 2013, pg 481).  Social media allows for the people to speak out about these issues they are facing (such as the gender equality and allows the women to now have a voice).  The social media also allows people to know what’s going on in the world and to try and make a change in their own countries.


García-Rivero, C. (2013). Democratisation, State and Society in the Middle East and North Africa. Comparative Sociology, 12(4), 477-504. (header image)

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